How Can You Protect Your Siding With Rhino Shield Coatings?

There are many different types of siding and trim for homes. In this blog, I will explain the pros and cons of some of the most popular sidings and how Rhino Shield can help it. 

We are starting out with a very common siding in the 60s that was originally the solution to never having to paint again, metal siding. Metal siding includes Aluminum and Steel, these are great at conducting heat and cold. That is not a good thing though, in the summer your home becomes hotter and in the winter your home becomes colder. When you have a home that is good at conducting temperature and also electricity you need a buffer. With Rhino Shield paint you are able to add a layer of insulation to the outside of your home, this will help cool down or heat up your home. Also, this acts as a buffer area to the elements that the hot air or cold from outside. 

Up next is vinyl, vinyl is a petroleum product that is not only brittle but also gets very dry and fades. Vinyl is a very popular siding that is cost-efficient but very fragile. If a baseball was to hit your vinyl it would either crack and or completely break open exposing the open or inside of the vinyl. Also, regular paint does not stick to vinyl well due to it being mostly water-based it will just bead and roll off the siding. With our APS and DFC systems, it will stick to the vinyl with no issue and adhere to the siding. This also allows the vinyl has more impact resistance, there is a better chance of your vinyl not breaking from impact. 

There is also wood, wood is another extremely common type of siding. It can be durable, breathable, and isn't a conductor like metal. Wood does have its cons though for example if wood gets wet and is a cool and dark area mold and other fungi will grow on it. That is why mold and mildew will grow on parts of your home more often and in great quantities if you have a wood home. Also wood rots after being wet and not being able to dry or breathe properly. Rhino Shield will replace all of your rotted wood and use our APS and DFC to cover your home with a protective seal that prevents the growth of fungi and rotting of wood.

Another siding is brick, brick is an amazing siding to have on a home. It is a great insulator, provides great protection, is energy efficient, and is durable. Brick does have its issues though, soot and mold will collect in between the bricks and it over time can erode. Rhino Shield helps by creating a barrier around the brick and prevent soot and mold with a tight seal and a fungi cocktail. 

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