Why Does Paint Peel and Crack?

Rain and Moisture

Rain and other elements can break down mineral paints and cause them to peel, chip, and even cause rotting underneath the surface of the paint. The moisture that sits on the home and on the paint can cause regular latex paints to break down quickly or it can penetrate the first layer of paint and break the adhesion to the home.


The temperature of a home's exterior can play into the overall health and longevity of your home's paint. Too hot the paint will fade or bubble, too cold the paint can crack the tension, cycling between the two can cause your paint to peel. No matter how many coats of regular latex paint are put on your home these things are unavoidable. For example, when you hear your house settle or expand that is putting pressure on the paint and begging the process of the paint cracking. Even if you don't live in a place with significant temperature changes UV light will still damage your home.


If you live on any of the great lakes you know how the lake effect can affect your home. Increase winds and snow than people who do not live near the lakes, these high winds can easily damage your home. Latex paint only has about a 1 to 2-millimeter layer covering and "protecting" your home. The high winds from the great lakes over time can chip and the paint causing breaks and allowing moisture into your home's siding, the moisture will then sit behind the paint causing the adhesion to your home to break. 



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