Preperation for Applying Rhino Shield

Power Washing

In many of our job stories, case studies and before and afters you read about us power washing. This is the first step in our preparation for the application of our APS and DFC. Power washing removes majority of all of the dirt, mold, mildew and other fungi off of your home as well as any peeling or chipped paint. The reason we do this is because our APS and DFC needs a clean and flat surface to lay on to get the best penetration and stick to your home. 


This is the second and arguably the most important step, we do this to get any excess dirt, fungi or paint off of the home. It is so important because if we do not get rid of all the remaining dirt and fungi it will continue to grow underneath the paint. This growth underneath the paint will then lead to rotting of wood. It is a simple step but we put extreme care into this step for not only for the customers benefit but also so that out APS can perform at its peak. 

Replace Rotted Wood

If you have any rotted wood on your house we will take care of it for you, the reason we do this is is simple. For your ease, we know the the hassle of hiring multiple services to get a paint job. Ordering 2 different services for one job is a hassle so we decided to help out our customers by having our skilled installation crew take care out it while we are doing our preparation process. 

Every home is different so the application process can vary but this is the general process we follow. We are always willing to make changes and adjustments to benefit the customer if you have any questions or concerns please give us a call!

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