What Rhino Shield Coating features could benefit you?

Homes will a lot of direct sunlight

Odds are if you have a home with low amounts of shade you are dealing with fading, peeling, and chipping on your paint. Rhino Shield can help with that, our DFC reflects UV lights and doesn't fade. No matter the color that you choose for your home our flexomeric-ceramic paint will reflect light and keep your house cooler. 

Homes with lots of shade

If your house is surrounded by trees or covers you most likely have mold and mildew growth on your home. This is normal because mold and mildew grow in damp and colder areas of your home. If your home has gotten rain over the past few years in those shaded areas odds are you have mold on your home. Rhino Shield can help you with this problem because in our paint we have a mildewcide that can prevent the growth of those fungi. 

Homes with metal siding 

IF your home has any type of metal siding your home may be using more energy than you think. Metal isn't a great insulator but it is a good conductor. This means your home may be letting out cold and warm air that you spend your hard-earned money on, Rhino Shield is actually an insulator because of the 3M material in our paint creating a compact seal on the outside of your home. This will help keep your heat or AC in your home better so you aren't wasting your money. 

Homes with vinyl siding

If your home has vinyl siding it isn't a secret that it is fragile and fades quite easily. Rhino Shield actually drys 6 times thicker than regular paint adding more protection to the outside of your home. This helps the impact resistance of your vinyl so next time a baseball or any other object hits your siding it would crack or worse bust open. As stated in the sunlight portion on this blog I talked about fading and vinyl fades quite easily over time losing its color, with Rhino Shield you will never have to worry about a faded paint job again. 

Homes that move often

Lots of homes expand and contract at night or during shifts in temperature, this can cause cracking or paint then leading to rotting of wood on your home. Latex paints crack quite easily due to their make up of minerals and pigments, but Rhino Shield is primarily made of resins that are extremely flexible. Our Flexomeric-Ceramic topcoat is designed to be able to move with your home as it expands and contracts, the 3M and ceramic makeup of our paint easily moves with your home stopping cracking from happening. 



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