Home Improvement with Rhino Shield: Lake Home

Home improvement trends are constantly happening but the classics will always remain. In this blog series, we are going to show you some of our favorite homes that might fuel your creative side! 

Up first we have one of our favorite lake homes, this home has aluminum siding, some shade from big trees in the front and back of the home, and had a big patio. This home was painted a light green previously that had to began to fade into a cream color. They came to us and wanted to coat their home with a darker color, not only does this reflect UV light better but also looks great with the white trim of the home. This home has a big garden with lots of different flowers and shrubs, the dark color of the home really makes the flowers pop in the front of the home! When you have aluminum or vinyl siding making the whole home darker can add depth to the appearance of your home and allows the accents of your home to pop. 

Home improvement with Rhino Shield: Lake Home - Image 1

The next home is a lighter alternative to the previous style of a lake home, this home is a vibrant yellow with white trim. This style of home has a very traditional cottage feel but they made it unique by having such bright colors and pops of color from the flowers. We love this home because of the multiple elements of the home such as bright colors, warm tone flowers, white and brown accents, and beautiful stonework. One thing that could be used as inspiration for your own home from this house is the use of flowers. They add pops of purple under their windows to draw attention to the brown shutter. This can be done with any home, the previous home could have done the same thing with a matching color such as White Lilies or done a splash of red using Tulips. The goal of using flowers and other structures is to create contrast or flow, either by matching or contrasting the trim or siding. Another thing we love about this home is the garage. While garages are typically very bland this homeowner decided to use a garage with patterns and an overhang to create the cottage feel you get from this home!

Home improvement with Rhino Shield: Lake Home - Image 2 

There are many routes to take when you paint your lake house that can be classic and trendy! Dark paint and light trim with accents from your gardens and geography around the home. Light paint with colorful or dark trim is also a great look for lake homes. There are so many different styles of lake homes why not try out a new color with Rhino Shield ceramic coating. Call with any question you have! 

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