Application Process

Ceramic Coating Application Process

Rhino Shield of Michigan prides itself on the quality of our installation compared to other house painting contractors. We do it right the first time with the goal of providing you with a permanent paint job.

The step-by-step ceramic coating process

Below is an outline of our typical Rhino Shield ceramic coating installation process. This process may vary slightly depending on the project's requirements.

Phase 1: Inspection & Preparation

Any quality paint job starts with proper preparation.

Thorough Inspection
We thoroughly inspect every facet of your home’s exterior receiving Rhino Shield ceramic coating and proceed to make an inventory of any wood needing replacement, stucco needing repair, and other nuisances that may hinder the process. During this time we will also provide you with a detailed written cost estimate for your project.

Pressure Washing
Every surface receiving the ceramic coating is pressure washed in order to expunge any dirt and debris, leaving a perfectly clean surface for optimal Rhino Shield adhesion.

Repair/Replace Siding
Damaged siding is replaced with its exact same type, whether it be wood or stucco,
in order to retain the original condition of your home.

We scrape and sand every inch and corner covered in the chipping coats of loose
paint you have been applying year after year, as well as any stubborn debris missed
by the pressure washing. This creates a more bondable surface for Rhino Shield to
adhere to.

Any areas containing raw wood are first coated with an oil-based primer. We then
apply our proprietary solid coat, Rhino Shield First Coat/Adhesive Primer Sealer,
which acts as a bonding agent for the finishing coat to your home, and prevents it from
cracking or peeling. The primer also contains an additive that further reduces mold and mildew growth. 

Phase 2: Application

Finish Coat Application
When the primer is dry, we apply our ceramic finish coat. The coating is sprayed at a high mil thickness (100 square feet per gallon) to provide ultimate protection and beauty to your walls. Some areas may require brushing or back rolling of the ceramic finish coat. The ceramic coat can be tinted to over 1,500 colors.

Detail Finish/Touch-Up
After the finish coat has been applied, we touch up any highly detailed or tight space areas, such as around windows and doors, to make them look their best.

When the application is complete, all masking and coverings will be removed, fixtures will be replaced and debris will be removed. We strive to leave your property as it was when we arrived or better.

Phase 3: Final Inspection

Once the Rhino Shield ceramic coating application is complete, you will review the job with your project manager. Any issues will be identified and handled at this time.

At Rhino Shield of Michigan, our work isn't finished until you are 100% satisfied with your ceramic coating application. Every Rhino Shield dealer must complete a rigorous training and certification process to ensure consistent success.

Questions? If you have questions about the ceramic paint coating process, feel free to contact Rhino Shield of Michigan, your local Rhino Shield dealer in the Greater Ann Arbor area.

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