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Ceramic Coating Case Studies: Case Studies: Rhino Shield Applied on Aluminum and Wood House in Clarkston, MI

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 by Kyle Sanderson


This beautiful Aluminum home in Clarkston, MI was in desperate need of a new more durable paint on its siding and wood trims. This family came to us in need of a solution after this 3-year-old paint job started to peel. 


We started this project by power washing all of the dirt and debris. Next, our installation crew began to scrape off all of the chippings, cracking, and peeling paint as well as stubborn dirt and debris that was not washed away by our power washer. This allows for the best stick to the siding and other areas of the home in our primer step. As you can see this amazing home had tons of peeling and chipping not only on the aluminum but on the wood as well. The peeling and cracking can often happen from heat and moisture due to the organic material in other paints. 

As we began to apply the APS(Adhesive Primer Sealer) it adheres to the areas applied and creates a sticky to the touch-first layer that allows our paint to have optimal coverage and stick to the home. This also prevents cracking or peeling as well as having an additive that reduces mold and mildew growth. 

After our primer was done we sprayed our super thick 8mils paint onto the home, this flexible paint allows for the house to breathe and improves the insulation of the home. The coating also allows for great solar reflection which cools down the home and reduces energy consumption, no other paint can offer this. This family chose a cool cream white color for their home that went perfectly with the feel of the home. This paint not only helped with their insulation and energy efficiency but also it is a permanent paint that will move with the house when it settles and adjusts. 


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