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Ceramic Coating Case Studies: Case Studies: Rhino Shield Applied on Wood Siding and Trim in White Lake Charter Township, MI

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 by Kyle Sanderson


Micheal and Julie G. came to us with their spectacular lake home in White Lake, an amazing home but the paint on it had taken a beating and they need a new permanent paint job.  


The paint on their home was fading, chipping, and fading. This happens from years of the sun beating down on the home, rain collecting in parts of the wood and rotting it, also the home expanding and settling. Every home expands and settles causing the paint to chip or peel along with the sun and rain breaking down the minerals in the paint. Thankful we have a solution for that.

We started out by power washing the whole home getting rid of any lose, peeling, or chipped paint and getting rid of dirt and grime. This makes the next two steps much easier; we went in a replaced any rotted wood that would cause issues later on. We then began to scrape off any leftover loose paint, dirt, mold, and mildew. 

After the preparation of the home was done, we came back and sprayed our APS this stands for Adhesive Primer Sealer. The APS is used to adhere the home and topcoat together for insulation and protection from the elements. The Primer is used for a base coat for our top layer. Lastly, our Sealer is used to seal the home and prevent any moisture from getting into the wood. We then applied our topcoat which is an Elastomeric-Ceramic paint that allows the paint to move as the house expands and settles. It is also a great insulator and reflector of UV light; this is important for a home like this where there isn't much shade around and the home takes in heat. The top layer also acts as an insulator making your home more energy-efficient! The family went with a tan siding and cream trim for a sleek lake house look. 

The family is happy with their new permanent paint job and we glad that we could help them. 

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