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Before and After Pictures from Grand Rapids
Vinyl Siding Applied with Rhino Shield in Grand Rapids, MI

Vinyl Siding Applied with Rhino Shield in Grand Rapids, MI

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Vinyl Siding Applied with Rhino Shield in Grand Rapids, MI Vinyl Siding Applied with Rhino Shield in Grand Rapids, MI

This gorgeous home in Grand Rapids Michigan wasn't in desperate need of a paint job but the owners wanted to prepare for the future. They went with a slightly lighter color on their home than their original paint job. It came out perfect and now they have a 25-year guarantee and warranty!   

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Durable Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating in Grand Rapids, MI

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Ceramic coating and ceramic roof coating contractor proudly serving Grand Rapids, MI

We have a reputation for excellence which we strive to maintain for all our services. Do you need an exterior paint job that's designed to last or a roof that needs protection? If so then Rhino Shield of Michigan has you covered. Rhino Shield of Michigan is the ceramic coating company that residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan can rely on.

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  • Commercial and Residential Exterior Ceramic Coating
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We use the durable ceramic coating solution, Rhino Shield, for our painting tasks. These paints are designed to last far longer than traditional paints thanks to our use of ceramic microspheres as the paint's solid component. This, along with our paint's higher solid component ratio, is what makes our paints so incredibly durable and long lasting. Further, we offer both residential and commercial ceramic coating to cater to our clients' needs.

If you're looking for a ceramic coating contractor for your Grand Rapids home or business then look no further than Rhino Shield of Michigan. Give us a call at 1-844-247-8544 for a free quote!

Job Stories From Grand Rapids, MI
Peeling and Fading Paint in Grand Rapids, MI.

Fading and Peeling paint is very common in homes from all over but especially in Michigan. This due to our harsh winters, wet springs, and humid summers causing moisture to get locked into the siding. There are multiple ways water and moisture can get locked in your home siding or trim including: 

- Vapor from the bathroom not leaving your home properly. 

- Water getting into your home's wood siding/trim and not getting sunlight. 

- Water sitting on dim surfaces of your home.

- Snow melting and dripping onto your home, causing erosion of traditional paint. 

Water sitting on the surface of your home or worse in the siding of your home can cause multiple problems for your home's curb appeal and health down the road. Water is able to break down traditional paints allowing the water to seep into the home's wood surfaces. This then causes the growth of fungi and rotting, this is obvious knowledge but what else can happen when water gets into your wood surfaces? Peeling is a huge issue when dealing with water and wood siding or trims, when wood rots it breaks and splits become weaker allowing the paint attached to then peel off. Paint can also peel from lack of contact or adhesion to your siding, the main contributor to this adhesion breakdown is water and heat. 

Fading happens from erosion and direct sunlight. While sunlight is good to prevent rotting, it can also cause your paint to bubble and also fade. It seems that there are very few ways to protect your home from too much sunlight or water sitting on the surface of your home. The best fix is to get waterproof, UV-resistant, breathable Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating! This is exactly what one of our customers needed in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We went out to their home and applied our coating helping them save money yearly on outdoor renovation costs. 

Home preparation for Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating.

Preparation for any job done on your home is an extremely important set that should never be overlooked. Here at Rhino Shield, prepping your home for a ceramic coating application is something that our installation team takes very seriously. Even though we love our customers and their homes our goal is for you to never have us at your home again. The reason for this is our product is meant to be permanent, if we have to come back that means we didn't do our best job. To make sure that never happens we take our preparation very seriously. 

We recently visited a gorgeous home in Grand Rapids, MI. They just finished their inspection step the previous week and wanted to get their ceramic coating on their home as soon as possible. When one of our sales reps went to the home the previous week he noticed small clusters of mold and mildew as well as some rotting in the wood. This most likely happened to the harsh winters western Michigan receives, mixed with the wet and humid springs/summers. Our installation team went to the home to start the prep process, they started out by power washing the whole home. Power washing allows us to get the majority of the fungi off the home without damaging the siding. The fungi clusters were primarily located on the fascia, soffit, and cladding of the home. This is an extremely common area for fungi to grow due to the lack of sunlight hitting the area and the way moisture sits on the surface. After power washing, the team then began to scrape off any leftover fungi. We do this to ensure the health and longevity of the siding underneath the Rhino Shield ceramic coating. After scraping comes the replacement of any rotted wood, this step is very important to help improve the strength and health of your home after the coating. 

We are doing the installation step in the coming weeks and look forward to showing you all!

Trim Applied with Rhino Shield in Grand Rapids, MI

We visited a gorgeous home in Grand Rapids Michigan, this family just had new trim put on their home and needed some paint on it. Thankfully the only preparation work we had to do was a little bit of taping and power washing. 

We began to paint the trim of the home a beautiful dark blue to contrast the white home, we applied out APS to seal the trim and prevent water damage and rotting. Our APS and DFC also moves and breathes as the home expands and contacts so that our coating does not crack or peel. We applied our DFC which is a flexomeric-ceramic top coat that is flexible and durable. Our top coat is also UV resistant, water repelling and much more. 

This family was very happy with their Rhino Shield coating and we are glad we could help them out. 

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