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Before and After Pictures from Macomb County
Amazing T1-11 Transformation With Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating

Amazing T1-11 Transformation With Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating

Before After
Amazing T1-11 Transformation With Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Amazing T1-11 Transformation With Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating

Our installation team did an amazing job transforming this home! We love the colors they went with and how the home turned out. 

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We have a reputation for excellence which we strive to maintain for all our services. Do you need an exterior paint job that's designed to last or a roof that needs protection? If so then Rhino Shield of Michigan has you covered. Rhino Shield of Michigan is the ceramic coating company that residents of Macomb County, Michigan can rely on.

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We use the durable ceramic coating solution, Rhino Shield, for our painting tasks. These paints are designed to last far longer than traditional paints thanks to our use of ceramic microspheres as the paint's solid component. This, along with our paint's higher solid component ratio, is what makes our paints so incredibly durable and long lasting. Further, we offer both residential and commercial ceramic coating to cater to our clients' needs.

If you're looking for a ceramic coating contractor for your Macomb County home or business then look no further than Rhino Shield of Michigan. Give us a call at 1-844-247-8544 for a free quote!

Case Studies From Macomb County
Laura and David S. in Shelby township came to us with his gorgeous home that needed mold and mildew removal along with rotting wood needing repair...
Job Stories From Macomb County, MI
Rhino Shield Applied to Brick and T1-11

A family in Macomb, MI called us to coat their brick and T1-11 siding. This home was in amazing condition no chipping or fading, the reason for them calling us to coat their home was to prepare for the future. They knew within the next 2 to 3 years they would need a new paint job on their siding, but they also wanted more insulation on their home.

We went to their home and power washed every area we would be coating so that our APS has the ultimate seal and so that no mold can grow underneath the paint. We then applied our Adhesive Primer and Sealer it creates a water-resistant seal around the whole home and adds a layer of insulation. Our APS is beneficial for any home helping water vapors get out of your home but not allowing them back in. After our APS has dried we then applied our DFC topcoat, our topcoat is an Elastomeric-Ceramic coating that sticks to our APS it is not only flexible and stretchy but it is also extremely durable so that you don't have to worry about peeling or chipping paint no matter the surface. 

Peeling Paint in Utica, MI

We visited a home in Utica that was riddled with peeling paint. We power washed the whole home to get all of the peelings off, this is a necessary step in the preparations of applying Rhino Shield Coating. Our APS and DFC coating needs a smooth surface to lay on to have the best seal and penetration on your home. After we power washed the home we began to scrape off any remaining paint that is peeling on the home, this is also when we get any stubborn mold, mildew, and dirt off the home. Typically we would replace any rotting wood but this home did not have a single piece of rotted wood, this is most likely due to the fact of the home having good ventilation and adequate sunlight. 

We then applied our APS and DFC coating to seal and protect the home. Our APS is an adhesive and sealing primer, it sticks to your home and is the first layer of protection on your home. IF you were to touch the APS after being applied and dried it would have a tacky or sticky feeling, this is because our DFC doesn't act like paint in the sense that water from it evaporates to dry rather the APS and DFC bond together. Our DFC is primarily made up of resins, pigments, ceramics, and mildewcides with only about 21% of the paint being made of water. This is beneficial for this home because the peeling was from the house moving and high heat, our coating reflects UV light and heat as well as moves with the home. That means their paint won't crack or peel. 

Inspection of a Home in Saint Clair Shores, MI.

We recently visited a home in order to do an inspection so that we can be prepared in the spring when we apply our coatings. This home was made up of T1-11 siding and wood trim, the paint was fading, peeling paint, and there were signs of rotting. 

We are able to do our inspections in the winter because we can see if there is rotting, peeling, or chipping paint, and fading on the siding and trim. Seeing if a home has peeling or chipped paint is important because it can lead to rotting as well as mold and mildew growth. Peeled and chipped paint can cause wood to rot once the snow melts and it starts to rain more. Water will enter those cracks and seep into the wood, having no means of escape causes rotting. If we spot these we are better prepared in the spring to deal with the parts of the home in question. Our inspection is also important because we can get an idea of what the customer wants for color, coating, and areas of the home they want to be coated. 

After our inspection, we determined to prepare for possible rotting and to take extra care of the peeled paint in our preparations in the spring. 

Can't wait to show the before and after in the spring!

Fading Vinyl and Mildew Growth

We went to a home in Clinton Township, MI to do an inspection on a home we would be working on in the spring. This home's vinyl siding was faded and had discoloration, the gutters and siding had mildew on them, and the soffits of their trim needed a deep cleaning. This could have happened for many reasons but from our inspection, it seems the most probable cause is direct sunlight on the home, the age of the vinyl, and mildew growth in low light areas with condensation. 

This is not an uncommon thing for ranch-style homes in Michigan, we determined our course of action in the spring and it will liven this home up. This home is not something we haven't seen before so we are fully prepared for the spring to give this home a new look. We will be coating the vinyl and trim to prevent fading, discoloration, fungi growth, and added breathability to prevent fungi growth. 

We will first apply our APS to seal and prime the home while adhering to the topcoat. Then we will apply our DFC, our durable finish coat will not fade, peel, crack or bubble from the heat and sunlight. Our topcoat is also extremely breathable, this means mold and mildew will not grow inside of the vinyl siding from vapors inside the home trying to exit. Lastly, the DFC will make the home more energy efficient in the summer and winter months keeping hot and cold air inside the home, it's able to do this because Rhino Shield coating offers another layer of insulation to the home. 

We look forward to working on their home and sharing the after pictures!


Painting Brick in Warren, MI.

We visited a beautiful home in Warren, MI made of brick. The brick on this home was beginning to fade and have fungi growth. This home also had white trim that was in desperate need of a power washing. This was no challenge for our professional installation crew who is ready to take on any job. 

Our crew went to the home and made sure to power wash every surface of the home. We do this to create a clean surface to apply our APS to. We do not need any fungi growing underneath our APS or DFC. As you can imagine this leads to more problems down the road. After power washing, we scraped off any stubborn mold, mildew, or dirt. Since this is a brick home thankfully any peeling paint came right off with the power washer! The crew then began the application of our Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS). This primer not only is the base coat for our DFC but also seals and protects the home making it waterproof. We then applied out Durable Finish Coat (DFC) our top coating is a state-of-the-art flexible ceramic coating that offers premium protection for your home. It is made of 3M microspheres that boost insulation and the energy efficiency of your home, as well as create another tight seal around your home. Our DFC is made to last having a 25-year warranty. 

The customers love their new coating and we are happy we could supply their last paint job ever!

Rhino Shield applied to T1-11 and Brick Home.

Our installation team went to a beautiful home in Sterling Heights, MI. This home was a stunning dark oak color with T1-11 siding with brick accents. This home fit the area beautifully and had lots of curb appeal but there was one problem. Their paint was fading quite badly, since there was no chipping this was going to be a quick job. 

Our team started out by power washing the whole home to get rid of any dirt that collected on the home over the years. This is a very important step because if we seal that dirt in there is a strong chance that mold will begin to grow underneath the coating eating at the dirt then the T1-11. After we power washed the home we began to look around for any peeling or chipping paint that we could scrape off. Thankfully there was none because the owners of this home took such good care of it. 

Next, we applied our APS, this seals, and primes the home but is also an adhesive for our topcoat. Our APS waterproofs your home and creates a tight seal around your home. We then apply our DFC that further protects the home and offers so many features including:

- Fire Resistance 

- Added Insulation 

- Flexibility 

- Fade Resistant 

The family loves their new Rhino Shield Coating! 


Rhino Shield Applied on Multiple Types of Siding

Our team went to a home in Harrison Township, MI. This was defiantly one of the most interesting homes we have ever worked on. This home had 5 different types of siding including vinyl, brick, T1-11, aluminum, and composite. This is no problem for our application process due to our APS and DFC being able to be applied all sidings the same. This was a very large home with lots of surface area, which means that our preparation process will take longer. 

We started out with power washing the whole home, there were some mold and mildew growth on low light areas of the home. As well as peeling and chipping paint on T1-11 and composite siding of the home. We power washed to get as many fungi, dirt, and peeled or chipped paint off the home as possible. This also softens up the fungi and peeling paint so that we can scrape off the excess easier. Before we scrape we needed to replace any rotten wood on the home. We do this because it would not be safe or efficient for your home. After replacing all of the rotten wood on the home we began to scrape off all of the left of fungi and peeling paint. This is done so our APS and DFC have a flat surface to lay on. 

We began our application process, we started out with our adhesive, primer, and sealer. This seals the home and is the base layer of protection against the elements. After that, we apply our durable finish coat. This is our topcoat, it is water-resistant, fire-resistant, flexible, and so much more. Our topcoat will provide the ultimate protection for this complex home!

They love their new painting alternative and we had a great time working on it. 


Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Applied to Wood Trim and Siding.

What do you want people to say when they visit your home? The answer should always be "you have a beautiful home" the first step to a beautiful home is your exterior. A home with stunning colors is a great first impression and increases your home's curb appeal. Color isn't the only important piece of having an amazing paint job, the paint or coating needs to be in top condition as well. Paint with cracks, bubbling, and peeling isn't visually appealing, it can be prevented though. These homeowners called us because they were sick of traditional paints failing every few years. They wanted a permanent painting alternative that looks beautiful and comes with protective features. Our ceramic coating is breathable, flexible, water-resistant, fire-resistant, UV resistant, and extremely strong.  It also adds insulation to your home, boosts energy efficiency, and comes in thousands of colors.


We had our installation team go out to New Baltimore and give our customers the ceramic coating of their dreams! They chose a stunning blue to contrast their brick and add depth to the look of their home. They love the idea of never having to paint again and all of the amazing features our coating has to offer. They kept their trim a clean tan color making the home have multiple colors that worked amazing together. They now have to never get another paint job again while also increasing the home's protection from different elements and weather conditions. 

If you want to never have to paint your home again be sure to give us a call or sign up for a free estimate! 

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Applied to Wood Trim and Siding. - Photo 1
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