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Rhino Shield on T1-11 Home in Holly, MI

Rhino Shield on T1-11 Home in Holly, MI

Before After
Rhino Shield on T1-11 Home in Holly, MI Rhino Shield on T1-11 Home in Holly, MI

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We have a reputation for excellence which we strive to maintain for all our services. Do you need an exterior paint job that's designed to last or a roof that needs protection? If so then Rhino Shield of Michigan has you covered. Rhino Shield of Michigan is the ceramic coating company that residents of Oakland County, Michigan can rely on.

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  • Commercial and Residential Exterior Ceramic Coating
  • Ceramic Roof Coating

We use the durable ceramic coating solution, Rhino Shield, for our painting tasks. These paints are designed to last far longer than traditional paints thanks to our use of ceramic microspheres as the paint's solid component. This, along with our paint's higher solid component ratio, is what makes our paints so incredibly durable and long lasting. Further, we offer both residential and commercial ceramic coating to cater to our clients' needs.

If you're looking for a ceramic coating contractor for your Oakland County home or business then look no further than Rhino Shield of Michigan. Give us a call at 1-844-247-8544 for a free quote!

Case Studies From Oakland County
Micheal and Julie G. came to us with their spectacular lake home in White Lake, an amazing home but the paint on it had taken a beating and they need...
Jim S. came to us with their beautiful home. It had rotting T1-11 and Trim as well as faded brick, this home was in need of some heavy power washing...
We were contacted by Theodore and Christine P. in regards to the trim of a home in Commererce. The trim of their home was starting to rot and need...
Job Stories From Oakland County, MI
Eliminating a paint peeling problem in Rochester Hills, MI

Joe W. was having problems keeping paint on his cedar home. He was tired of having to re-paint every 3-5 years because he just couldn’t get the paint to stick.  He received a post card in the mail from Rhino Shield of Michigan and thought that this product may help solve his problem.

Joe called Rhino Shield of Michigan and had someone come out to take a look at his home and let him know how they could help him.  With Rhino Shield’s APS/DFC system and an extreme amount of prep work to get all underlying issues addressed, we were able to make his home look like he had always wanted it to.  Because Joe opted for a dark Navy Blue, Rhino Shield used their “Cool Colors” UV reflective color system to help keep the cedar from expanding and contracting as much, which was part of the initial problem.

Rhino Shield of Michigan was happy to help Joe make his home look great and be maintenance free for many years to come.

Oxidizing Aluminum in Novi, MI

David and Brenda, had aluminum siding on their home. The problem with painted aluminum is that once the paint has worn away it starts to oxidize and it appears faded and chalky.

During the preparation of the home, we washed the oxidation off to give us a clean and dry surface to apply our APS/DFC system to which will seal the aluminum and stop the oxidization process. 

The Rhino Shield system adds R-value to the aluminum, adds to the impact resistance of the aluminum substrate and will never crack or peel due to the adhesive primer sealer.

David and Brenda now have a house that they don't have to worry about maintenance for the paint job for at least 25 years.

Oxidizing Aluminum in Novi, MI - Photo 1
Vinyl home painted with Rhino Shield in White Lake, MI

The Callow's wanted to update the curb appeal of their home by choosing Rhino Shield as their never paint again resource. As you can see, the transfomration from light hue to a dark hue really sets this home apart. The Callow's love their new, updated home.

Vinyl home painted with Rhino Shield in White Lake, MI - Photo 1
Peeling and Chipping in Bloomfield Hills, MI

We were contacted about a new paint job on the siding, fascia, and soffit of his home. He has a beautiful home in Bloomfield Hills that was in serious need of a new paint job and Rhino Shield was more than happy to help him with his problem. 

After our initial inspection, we saw not only peeling on the siding of his home, fascia, and parts of his window frame. He chose the same cool tan color that was already on his home, this color matches perfectly with their home and has a very sleek look. We started out by power washing and scraping all of the peeling paint, we then applied our APS and DFC. Our APS is our primer that seals and adheres to the home for the optimal top coak stick. Our topcoat is an elastic ceramic combination that allows the paint to move with your home to prevent cracking and peeling. This was especially important on the Stillmans home because the sun directly hit the back of their home causing the peeling of the original paint. 

We are happy that we could help this family and leave them with a paint that will last. 

Peeling and Fading Paint on Siding and Trim in Novi, MI

A family from Novi had us come out to their spectacular home in Novi, MI to have us help solve the fading paint on their siding and peeling paint of their trim. We started out by power washing the whole home, there was peeling and chipping on the trim of the home. Even if there isn't any visible dirt or grime on the rest of the home is still important to power wash every piece of the home we are working on for maximum adhering to the home. Next, we began to scrape off all of the peelings and chipped paint, we do this so that our APS can better seal and protect your home. 

After our APS was applied and dried we went in and sprayed our Elastomeric-Ceramic top coat. This amazing top coat is not only flexible and durable it also has a mold, mildew, and algae cocktail to help curve and prevent the growth of those fungi and algae. Our topcoat is able to flex and move with your home, what this does is allows your home to expand and settle without cracking or peeling the paint. 

The family loves their new paint job and we are happy that we could help!

Peeling and Fading Paint on Siding and Trim in Novi, MI - Photo 1Peeling and Fading Paint on Siding and Trim in Novi, MI - Photo 2Peeling and Fading Paint on Siding and Trim in Novi, MI - Photo 3Peeling and Fading Paint on Siding and Trim in Novi, MI - Photo 4
Wood Siding, Trim and Deck Painted with Rhino Shield.

A Milford family needed a new paint job on their wood siding, trim, and deck but were looking for a permanent alternative. They were sick of repainting every 3 to 5 years because of fading and peeling paint. They found us and we were happy to help them out with their problem. 

We went out to take a look at their home and it was in fantastic condition, with some preparation and discussion with the Chidsey's we were able to make their home look brand new. With Rhino Shields APS/DFC system we are able to seal and protect their home better than they could have ever imagined. They went with the same tan color for their siding and trim but made their deck and dark brown to reflect heat better. 

We are happy we could help them get their perfect paint job!

Wood Siding, Trim and Deck Painted with Rhino Shield. - Photo 1Wood Siding, Trim and Deck Painted with Rhino Shield. - Photo 2
Rhino Shield Applied to Vinyl and Wood Trim

Last winter we went to a lake home in Waterford, MI that had some fading and fungi growing on the siding. Mold and other Fungi commonly grow on vinyl siding because water can sit in the cracks or underneath the vinyl is in a damp cool area is all fungi need to grow. Fungi like mold and mildew will not rot the vinyl but it will make it fade and can cause an odor. 

First, we power washed the home and scraped off any excess mold, mildew, and dirt off the home the power washer could not get. We then applied out APS(Adhesive Primer Sealer) it serves as a primer, adhesive to the home and topcoat, and lastly a sealer to help protect the home from water. After the APS is sealed and dried we then applied our DFC which helps protect the home from UV rays, rain, mold, and mildew. This beautiful lake house turned out great and we are so happy we could give this family their last paint job! 

Rhino Shield Applied to Brick and T1-11 in Royal Oak, MI

We got called to a beautiful home in Royal Oak, Michigan that had fading paint, mold and soot. The erosion on their brick and T1-11 caused discoloration, soot build up and mold growth in cracks of the T1-11 and the trim as well. This required lots of preparation to make sure that we gave them the best care possible. We power washed the whole home and made sure to get as much soot and mold off as possible. We also power wash the home to get any dirt or chipped paint off. We then replaced any rotted wood that would not last underneath the Rhino Shield coating. The next step was to scrape any let of soot, mold, mildew and chipped paint off. 

Once everything was was power washed and scraped we applied our APS this seals and protects the home. Our APS is also an adhesive between the home and our top coat for the ultimate stick to your home. Both our APS and DFC protect the home by adding insulation, energy efficiency and making the home water repellant. 

The home owners love their new paint job and we were happy to help them!

Mold and Soot on Home in Wixom

Mold, mildew and soot were growing and collecting on this homes vinyl and roof, this can happen from water sitting on the siding and not drying properly. The cool and damp areas of the home were collecting lots of mold and soot as well as other parts filled with dirt. This was no issue for our team though, we went in and power washed the whole home and then scraped any left over mold and soot off the home. We also noticed fading color in the vinyl creating a very bleak looking home. We want to change this. 

We began our application process by applying our our APS to seal and the home and make sure water cant get in the cracks of the vinyl. Our APS is also a great primer that also us to get optimal coverage of the home. We then applied our DFC top coat that sticks to the APS creating a prefect seal to the home. This also has a fungo cocktail infused into the paint to prevent further growth of mold, mildew and soot. LAstly our DFC is UV resistant to make sure that the paint never fades or peels. 

Rhino Shield Applied on New Trim, Deck and Siding.

We visited a home in South Lyon, Michigan that had peeling paint on their deck, siding and trim. Our preparation for this home had to do be done perfectly to ensure the success of our coating. We started our preparation by power washing the home to get off as much peeled paint off as possible. This is a very important step in the preparation of the homes we work one because it cleans the surface and lets our APS sit on a smooth surface. We then scraped off any left over peeling paint, dirt and mold that the power washer couldn't get off. 

After our preparation we began applying our Adhesive Primer and Sealer (APS) this amazing primer adheres to your home and allows our stop coat to stick and seal to your home.  It is also water resistant not allowing any water to even touch the wood siding or trim of your home. We then apply our DFC that is a UV reflector, Insulator and Fungi preventer. Our top coat is a flexible and durable coating, the coating is able able to move with your home as it expands and settles. 

This home turned out gorgeous and we had lots of fun working on it! 

Rhino Shield Applied on Stucco and Wood Trim

We worked on a home in Farmington Michigan that had stucco siding and wood trim. The preparation was straight forward with this home, repair any rotted wood, chips and holes in the stucco and get any mold and mildew off the home. We power washed the whole home and scraped any left over paint and fungi off. We then repaired any damaged stucco or wood, this is key step in saving and improving the homes insulation. 

We than applied our APS and DFC coating to protect the home from any and all elements. The combination of our APS and DFC makes your home water resistant, fire resistant, UV reflecting, more insulated and energy efficient. For a stucco home these things are extremely important, in the winter and summer it can be hard to keep your temperature at a level that you want without a lot of it escaping through the stucco. 

We had a great time working on this home and are glad the family loves their new permanent paint job. 

Rhino Shield Applied to Composite Siding

We went to a home in Oxford that had wood siding that was covered in mold and dirt. Yet there was another issue there was rotting and peeling paint on the siding a trim, this required replacement of any rotting wood and intense care when we power washed and scraped. When we began our preparations by power washing the whole home getting off all of the dirt and mold. After that we scraped off any remaining dirt and mold to ensure the protection of the siding. 

We applied our APS and DFC to protect the home. Our APS is an amazing primer that seals and adheres to the home, paired with our DFC top coat that is Elastomeric-Ceramic paint that protects and moves with your home. These 2 coatings paired together gives your home water resistance, UV reflecting, energy efficiency, added insulation and more. 

T1-11 Siding and Trim Applied with Rhino Shield

We visited a home in Troy, MI that had fading paint on its siding and trim and well as fungi growth on the fascia and soffit of their trim. The home was in great condition and had no rotting as well as little cracking on the paint. This means our preparation work would be much easier and we could get the job done faster. 

We started out by power washing the home to get rid of any fungi and little cracks in the paint. The reason we do this first get the majority of fungi and chipped paint off then we can go in with scrapers and hit the stubborn spots. Thankfully the fungi came off easily and then we went in a scraped off any paint chips and stubborn fungi so our coating has a flush surface to lay on. While our APS coating penetrates any paint on the home and seals the home it is still important for the APS to lay flat on the siding and trim for optimal results. We then walked the home and looked for anymore peeling or chipped paint and fungi to scrape off the home. 

Once we completed the preparation we let the home dry and then began our application process. Rhino Shield is a painting alternative that is different than traditional paints. The reason it is different is because of the rubber ceramic coating that is applied, our DFC or Durable Finish Coat has a rubbery feel that allows it to expand and contract. This can only be applied by trained professionals. Our professional installation team went in and applied our APS (Adhevise Primer Sealer) as the first layer of sealing and protection. Our APS after the application has a tacky and sticky touch, allowing the DFC to bond to the primer. Next, we applied our DFC for more finish options visit Our DFC is made up primarily of resins comparative to traditional paints that are primarily made up of water. Our Coating lays and sticks on top of the APS creating a tight seal between the environment and the home. 

Their home is now more energy-efficient and waterproof! 

For any questions feel free to give us a call!

Rhino Shield Applied on Brick and T1-11 Siding

Our team went to a cool ranch-style home to find fungi growth and fading on their T1-11 siding. This home is in a heavily shaded area, this is the main reason why there are mold and mildew growth. When it rains in the spring, summer, and fall water on the side of the home often cant dry properly due to lack of sunlight. Other areas of the home had less shade so it began fading over time. 

Our team started out by power washing the home, this gets the majority of the fungi off the home in one session, after we scrape off any excess peeled/chipped paint and fungi left on the home. The reason these preparation steps are important is that our ceramic coating needs a clean and flat surface to lay on. While Rhino Shields ceramic coating penetrates paint and prevents fungi growth it needs a clean surface so that the fungi don't continue to grow under the coating. Also if the peeling/chipping traditional paint on your home is covered by Rhino Shield it will continue to break down and could ruin the coating. 

Our application process is simple we apply our adhesive primer-sealer (APS) then our durable finish coat (DFC). Our APS is the first coat we put on the home, this primer seals your home and is the base layer of protection from the elements. It also adds insulation and breaths with your home as it expands and contracts, the reason this is so important to your home's overall protection is to boost energy efficiency but also prevent peeling and chipping. After that we apply our DFC, our ceramic topcoat is the ultimate protection for the exterior of your home.

Some of the best features of Rhino Shields Ceramic Coating and DFC include:

-Adds Insulation 


-Fire Resistant 

-Boosts Energy Efficiency 

-25 Year Warrenty 

-Extremely Durable 

-UV Resistant 

The homeowners love their new ceramic coating and we are happy we could supply it!

Visiting a Home coating with Rhino Shield 3 years ago

We visited a home that was coated with Rhino Shield ceramic coating three years ago. This home had T1-11 siding with a modern look with big glass windows and white trim. Three years ago our sales team went to this home because the homeowners were interested in painting alternatives such as Rhino Shield. We gave them their estimate and our plan to work on their home, showing the steps we take to prepare the home, apply Rhino Shield, and final touch-ups are done post final coat. Their home was in direct sunlight and they were having issues with paint constantly fading and peeling, this is no issue for Rhino Shields ceramic coating.

It has been three years since we have seen this home and our painting alternative still looks freshly applied. Our ceramic coating had not faded, peeled, or chipped, the owners wanted a paint that would work for them and they got it. Our ceramic coating gave them more insulation on the side of their home, this means that in the summer and winter less heat and AC would be used since it is staying inside the home.  The homeowners are extremely happy with their paint alternative and we know you will be too!

Huge Transformation with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating.

Our installation team recently finished a job in Clawson, MI. The homeowners were doing some hefty home improvement and thought Rhino Shields Ceramic Coating would be the perfect touch to get the curb appeal they wanted. The siding of This home is mainly hardy boards and brick with a small section of vinyl, this makes the appearance of the home complex and appealing to the eye. While this is one of the smaller homes we have done it is definitely one of our favorites, we love the tan siding paired with the black trim. This home has a modern but classic style that won't go out of style. 

Our team went in once all of the siding was up and began our preparation process. We started out by power washing the whole home to get any dirt, fungi, or pollen off. We do this so that the siding of your home can stay healthy after our APS and DFC have been applied. Thankfully there was no fungi growth, if there was we would have had to scrape off any on the surface of the home. We then applied our APS, which is an adhesive, primer, and sealer. What this means is that our primer is also the first layer of defense applied to your home, it seals the home from any outside harm such as water, dirt, and fungi. It also acts as an adhesive to our DFC for the ultimate stick to your home. Our DFC is a durable finish coat, this is where the majority of your home's protection is coming from. UV resistant, Fire resistant, Waterproof, and increased insulation. It is also flexible preventing bubbling, cracking, and peeling of the coating. Lastly is breathable, this allows any moisture from inside to escape preventing mold growth within the walls of your home. 

With all of these amazing features, the homeowners are happy!

Have any questions? Call our number above!

Huge Transformation with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating. - Photo 1Huge Transformation with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating. - Photo 2
Rhino Shield Applied on Composite and Wood House in Rochester, MI

Our installation team went to the home ready to give the homeowners a new ceramic coating for their home. They started out by scraping any mold, mildew, or chipping paint off of the siding and gutter of the home. We do this to create a clean surface that our APS can sit on. It is important that our adhesive primer-sealer sits on a flat and clean surface to stop fungi growth and also so there are no bubbles of protrusions on the ceramic coating. Another reason we clean the surface of the home is so that there is no further mold or mildew growth underneath the coating. After power washing, we replaced any rotted wood on the home. We do this to prevent any further rotting underneath our coating. Next, we scraped all leftover fungi and peeled paint that the power-washed could not reach or get off. Thankfully there was not much to scrape off because these owners took such good care of their home. 

After our preparation, the installation team began the application process. Our team first applies our adhesive primer sealer (APS) this is not just a primer for the home it also seals and protects the home but also acts as an adhesive for the topcoat. Then the team applied our durable finish coat (DFC), our DFC is an elastomeric ceramic top cop that is flexible and breathable. That means as the home expands and contracts in temperature change the ceramic coating moves with it, this helps prevent peeling and cracking paint that you would see happen in traditional latex paints. Some other benefits of our DFC include the following: 

- UV resistant

- Fire resistant

- Water Proof 

- Extremely Durable 

- Prevents Fungi Growth 

- Improves Insulation 

- Boosts Energy Efficiency

Our ceramic coating is able to do this because of the tight microsphere 3M balls that makeup Rhino Shield Coatings. 

The family loves their new ceramic coating on their home and we love the way it turned out! For any questions request a free estimate or call our office! 

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