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Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Applied on Vinyl siding and Wood Trim.

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Applied on Vinyl siding and Wood Trim.

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Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Applied on Vinyl siding and Wood Trim. Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Applied on Vinyl siding and Wood Trim.

These homeowners were sick of being in the constant loop of needing a new paint job every 5 years. They instead reached out to us here at Rhino Shield to help save money and break out of the paint loop. The homeowners were very satisfied with her ceramic coating and are looking forward to never painting their home again.

Rhino Shield on Brick Home in Brighton, MI

Rhino Shield on Brick Home in Brighton, MI

Before After
Rhino Shield on Brick Home in Brighton, MI Rhino Shield on Brick Home in Brighton, MI

Look what Rhino Shield can do to freshen up your brick home.

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Ceramic coating and ceramic roof coating contractor proudly serving Wayne County, MI

We have a reputation for excellence which we strive to maintain for all our services. Do you need an exterior paint job that's designed to last or a roof that needs protection? If so then Rhino Shield of Michigan has you covered. Rhino Shield of Michigan is the ceramic coating company that residents of Wayne County, Michigan can rely on.

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  • Commercial and Residential Exterior Ceramic Coating
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We use the durable ceramic coating solution, Rhino Shield, for our painting tasks. These paints are designed to last far longer than traditional paints thanks to our use of ceramic microspheres as the paint's solid component. This, along with our paint's higher solid component ratio, is what makes our paints so incredibly durable and long lasting. Further, we offer both residential and commercial ceramic coating to cater to our clients' needs.

If you're looking for a ceramic coating contractor for your Wayne County home or business then look no further than Rhino Shield of Michigan. Give us a call at 1-844-247-8544 for a free quote!

Job Stories From Wayne County, MI
Rhino Shield applied to a Stucco and Rough Saw Wood home.

We went out to a Plymouth family's home to help them get a new paint job. The family has a stucco, brick, and wood trim home, this beautiful homes stucco and trim was beginning to to fade and the trim was slowly chipping. 

Our goal was to restore this home to make it look like it was just built. We did our usual preparation that includes power washing, replacing any rotted wood, and lastly, scrap any peeling or chipped wood. 

Our next step is to apply our our APS and then our top coat that reflects UV light, lets water vapor out of your home, adds insulation, boost energy efficiency and deflects rain to reduces growth of fungi. 

We are glad we could make this home look fresh and new, also give this family their last paint job!

Rhino Shield Application Process on Brick

Pangborn is an establishment in Detroit, MI that was peeling and chipping paint from heat damage and erosion. This type of peeling in paint is very common when it is applied on smooth or rough brick due to regular paint being made up of mostly water. 

The process to prep and paint a building like this is simple but effective, we start out by power washing the surface. What this does is knock off any peeling or chipping paint, mold, mildew, and soot. This is an important step in the success of our APS. Next, we began to scrape off any excess paint, mildew, soot, or mold. This is just another precautionary step to guarantee the success of our APS system. Our APS (Adhesive Primer Sealer) is a primer that adheres to the surface applied to but then also adheres to our topcoat. It is also a sealant, the APS will seal the surface making it water-resistant. Our APS is also flexible so it will not crack or chip! Next, we apply our Elastomeric-Ceramic topcoat that makes your home or business more energy-efficient, reflects UV light better, adds insulation, and stretches to move with your home. Lastly, we do our final inspection to make sure the owner is happy with the job. 

Rhino Shield Application Process on Brick - Photo 1
Trim and Vinyl Siding Applied with Rhino Shield in Livonia, MI

Last year we got called to a home in Livonia MI, with gorgeous vinyl and brick siding with wood trim. We visited the home in the winter, we saw fading and chips in the wood trim. This was no issue though, we were able to come back in the spring and have our installation team get to work. 

We started out by power washing the whole home, this gets any dirt and grime off that house so that the APS has a better stick. We only had to scrape one area of the home because that siding was not new. We then scraped any peeling paint or dirt the power washer missed. We began to apply our APS this primer is an adhesive primer coat that seals your home and creates a sticky layer on your home for the DFC topcoat to stick. We then applied our DFC topcoat that is great for UV reflection, repelling water, and so much more!

They love their new permanent paint job and we are glad we could help them!

Trim and Siding Applied with Rhino Shield

A home we worked on in Canton was quite an interesting home, this older home had fading, peeling paint and mold on the home. 

This home was made of wood, stucco and aluminum which is something you don't see everyday. This was no challenge for us though, Rhino shield is applied the same on every surface. We prepared the home by power washing and scraping the surface, this gets rid of all of the mold and mildew on the surface of the home. We do this so that rotting of wood will stop and growth will prevented after we apply our APS. After the prep work, we apply our APS and DFC primer and topcoat. These protect your home some benefits of Rhino Shield include UV reflection, Water Resistant, Fungi Resistant and can resistant to fire. 


Rhino Shield Applied on Hardie Planks

We went to a home in Grosse Pointe that had lots of peeling and chipping as well as mold build up. We went in and prepped the home by power washing and scraping all of the mold and peeled paint off the home. This needed so that our APS can adhere to the home properly, these are the most important steps in the preparation of coating a home. 

Next we began our coating process, it begins with our Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS). A sealing sticky primer that adheres the home to our top coat and also seals the home from all the elements. We then applied our top coat that is made from 3M and its not only durable but flexible so your paint won't crack or peel as your house expands and settles. It is also a great insulator and alsos water vapors to freely pass through the walls of your home outside so that mold doesn't grow in your walls. 

The family loved how their new paint job came out! 

Rhino Shield Applied to Vinyl and Brick

We went to a home in Northville, there was peeling on their back of their home on their brick as well as fading on their vinyl. We started out by power washing all of the dirt and peeling paint on the back of the home then began to scrape off any leftover peeled paint and dirt off the home. 

We applied out APS and DFC to protect the home. Our Adhesive Primer Sealer is our first coat we apply onto the home that protects the home by sealing it. It is an adhesive that sticks to the home and our DFC, our Durable Finish Coat is flexible and durable. The DFC is not only durable but it has many other great features such as being a great insulator, water-resistant, and wind-resistant. It is all possible thanks to our tight-knit 3M balls that compress together to form a tight seal. 

We added that ultimate home protection to this family's home and we are glad they love the look of it as well. 

Fading Paint and Fungi on Home in Dearborn, MI

Our installation team went to a home in Dearborn, MI. This home has vinyl siding that had fading paint and fungi build-up. This was caused by the area of the home having shade but still having water hit it and stay on the surface. This was no problem for our installation team, they began by power washing the whole home, this sprays off any dirt or fungi that is sticking to the home. We do this so that our APS and DFC have a clean flat surface to lay on, if we don't do this then fungi will continue to grow under the ceramic coating by feeding on the dirt that wasn't cleaned off. After power washing, the team began to scrape off any leftover fungi that the powerwasher could not get. 

After the preparation work, the team goes in and begins the application process. They start out with our adhesive primer sealer (APS). Our APS is a primer for the home but also an adhesive to stick to our top ceramic coating. The APS and DFC ceramic stick together once the application is complete. The APS also seals the home from any dirt, rain, or element that could put your home at risk. After that they applied our durable finish coat (DFC), our DFC is a ceramic coating that is also very flexible allowing the paint to expand as the home does. The best part about our ceramic coating for aluminum homes such as this one is it adds insulation and also makes the home more energy-efficient. Our ceramic coating is UV resistant, this allows your home to be cooler in the summer and the added insulation keeps your home warm in the winter. The topcoat is breathable as well allowing vapors to pass through the paint and not break it down. 

The homeowners love their new permanent ceramic coating! 

Rhino Shield Applied on Vinyl Siding and Wood Trim.

We recently finished a job in Taylor, MI that turned out amazing! 

This homeowner lived in a bigger subdivision with little protection from the sun. This means their paint faded and the paint on their trim began to chip and peel. There were many options and considerations these owners took into consideration before choosing and color and type of Rhino Shield Coating.  We decided that for their home our APS and DFC combo would be best for the location and size of their home.  

Our installation team started out with our preparation process which involves power washing, scraping, and replacing any rotted or damaged siding or trim. The team began power washing off any fungi on the siding or peeled paint on the trim. We do this in order to ensure the protection of your home if fungi or dirt is under our coating sitting on your home further damage can occur. Once the home is power washed the team scapes off any leftover fungi or peeled pain that the power washer couldn't reach. Our team then replaced the rotted trim on the home, rotting can happen from multiple things.  In this home, lack of sunlight on the back of the home mixed with rainfall causes water that seeped into the wood to stay there due to the lack of sunlight rotting the wood over time. This a very common issue for most homes but can be avoided by using a waterproof coating such as Rhino Shield. 

The team then began the application process, the first step in to apply our APS. APS stands for adhesive primer-sealer, this primer is much more than just a base coat. Our APS seals the home and is the first layer of protection from the elements, it also acts as an adhering agent to our topcoat for the ultimate stick to your home. Up next our DFC is applied, our durable finish coat is the ultimate ceramic coating on the market. The homeowners loved that our ceramic coating is waterproof, adds insulation, boosts energy efficiency, and is UV resistant. They ended up choosing a cool color to contrast their white trim and love their new ceramic coating!




Inspection on Wood Siding and Trim.

We visited a home in Grosse Ile for an inspection. This is the first step in the process of getting Rhino Shield applied to your home. We went in and looked for any mold, mildew, rotting, and peeling paint. The reason we look for these is that they are indicators of the rest of the home's health. If a home has lots of mold on the exterior you can typically find rotting nearby, this allows up to be prepared for when we come back for the preparation step. The inspection step is the stepping stone to a successful application of Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings, this is because of how intertwined it is with the preparation step. 

The home we looked at had a little bit of mold with no rotting and small amounts of peeling paint. What this means for us is that when we come back from the preparation step is that we need to clean the home extremely well with a scraper and power washer as well as bring extra wood to replace the rotted wood on the home. It is our job to make sure that the prep and application of Rhino Shield go easy and quickly for our customer's convenience. After our inspection was complete we then talked to the homeowners about the colors types of base coats and top coats that would be best for their home in the geographic location they are in. After that, we set dates with the homeowners for us to come back to do the preparation and application for their last paint job ever!

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