How to Protect and Prevent Mold and Mildew on Your Home

There are countless ways mold can grow on your home, but there also ways to prevent growth. 

Allow Direct Sunlight

If you live in a forested area trimming the branches allowing sunlight to hit your home. Mold and mildew strive in cold and damp conditions, by trimming branches around your home sunlight can hit areas that might have been covered preventing growth of the fungi. 

Remove all Moss 

Moss also grows in cold and damp areas, the isant you see moss you should get rid of it so that mold does not grow with it or under it. By removing the moss you are keeping the area clean and preventing more fungi to grow along with it. The most effective way to remove it is either a bleach and water solution or a vinegar and water solution. 

Adjust your Sprinkler Heads 

If you have sprinkler heads that are hitting the side of your home it would be best to adjust them. Water hitting your siding keeps moisture locked onto your home. Majority of people turn their sprinklers on at night, this means water is sitting on your home at the coldest and darkest time. The issue with this is that you are allowing fungi and spores to begin to grow. Turning on your sprinklers during the day and seeing where they turn and are directed should allow you to keep water off your siding. 

Invest in Good Insulation

Insulation is key in letting moisture out of your home, which then prevents growth of mold and mildews in the wall of your home. As well as spores on the siding of your home. You can achieve this and more with Rhino Shield APS and DFC. Our APS seals and protects your home while the DFC is flexible and adds insulation.   

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