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Adhesive Primer Sealer PDS

Monday, March 13th, 2023 by Paul Douglas


ADHESIVE PRIMER SEALER is a versatile primer that offers superior adhesion, and penetration into existing surfaces. This high resin formula by definition is an acrylic-urethane-elastomeric primer. It goes on white but dries to a tacky transparent membrane. APS is designed to prepare chalky or poorly conditioned surfaces. It is designed for exterior walls and roofs. APS can be pushed into porous surfaces to seal small cracks and voids. On non-porous surfaces, the high resin content provides excellent adhesion to the surface and forms a tight bond with the finish coat. APS is specifically designed to be used with Rhino Shield wall and roof finish coats.  

This versatile primer is ideal for stucco, cement, block, brick, metal, asbestos, clay, adobe, stone, wood, and plywood.  It may also be used on existing water-based paints and stain-blocking primers (with good adhesion). Always check moisture levels and follow the complete application manual for limitations. 

Spot prime all stains before priming with ADHESIVE PRIMER SEALER.  Apply a stain blocker on new wood, especially cedar, pine, and redwood before the application of APS.

Trenching is necessary to form a complete seal (if applicable). Trench 4 to 6 inches around the perimeter of the structure when necessary. For proper adhesion, it is essential that the surface be pressure washed at a minimum of 1500 P.S.I., using a water/chlorine solution, removing any loose flaking or peeling paint along with any oil, grease, residues and especially mold, mildew, and algae. Wire brush if necessary. ADHESIVE PRIMER SEALER will resist mildew growth, but will not kill mildew already on the surface! Apply only to a clean and dry surface. Patch any holes, cracks, seams, or imperfections with CAULK AND SEAL-ANT. Rusted metal and galvanized metal must be primed with a red iron oxide primer-sealer. Wood knots should be spot primed with stain blocker primer or shellac. Pressure-treated wood must be aged 6 months before priming. New masonry must age 60 days before priming. 

Stir contents thoroughly before use. Do not thin, use the product as is. Do not apply when temperatures are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or when humidity is very high. Do not apply when primer will be subjected to rain or heavy dew before it has had enough time to dry (approximately 1 to 4 hours). Drying time will vary due to climate. Apply using approved spray equipment. Spread uniformly. Wait at least 12 hours before applying a mid/finish coat.

Clean up immediately after use with warm, soapy water.

Use a piston-type airless sprayer.



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